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BS11 series transformer

date : 2015-12-18         Brows:



Executive standard

GB/T6541, GB1094, GB20052

JB/T10217-2000 combined-type transformer


Product features

■     The equipment has compact structure, small size, and is easy and flexible to be installed;

■     All insulation and full-sealing structure to provide the safe and reliable and the maintenance-free to the protect the personal safety;

■     The three-phase three column and three-phase five column structures are adopted for the transformer, the ladder joint process and roll core technology are adopted for the iron core to provide low-noise, low-loss and overloading ability.

■     The unique technology of vacuum drying and vacuum oil filling are adopted for the 110kV products and 10kV products in order to improve product quality to provide strong support.

■     The anticorrosion design and special spray paint processing could be adopted for the tank body according to the requirement of the running environment with functions of "three prevention" (prevent condensation, prevent salt fog and prevent mildew) and satisfy the demands of requirement for anticorrosion within high temperature and high humidity environment.

■     The double fuse protection is adopted for the ZG type high voltage side, among them, the pull-out fuse is double sensitive fuse (temperature, current) and the backup fuse is current limiting fuse, which decrease its operation cost; The able connector structure is adopted for the high-voltage incoming with the characteristics of all insulation, safe and reliable and easy operation; Both can be used in the ring network, and the terminal. And the transformation between them is very convenient with the improving of the reliability of power supply.


Product use

It is mainly used for the complete set of American box matching transformer. Or the other places of lateral connection of user requirements.