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The World First High Altitude Electrical Test at 5000 Meters

date : 2015-12-16         Brows:

  The first 5000 meters high altitude clearance discharge test was held in the qinghai-tibet plateau region on. The high altitude in power transmission and transformation engineering design, electrical selection with scientific data, but also for the networking project to provide the relevant data, accumulated the electrical high altitude operating experience.

  During the operation of the transmission line under certain conditions can be through the air on the earth, tower discharge, electrical discharge gap test, is the study of the different voltage, different altitude and different climate conditions, and how much is the discharge distance in power transmission and transformation engineering design, electrical equipment manufacturing to determine the dielectric strength. Before, state grid company in Tibet yangbajain ms regions to establish test base, to an altitude of 4300 meters of electrical discharge gap effectively, to accomplish an important result. Along with our country higher voltage class power transmission and transformation project in the construction of the higher altitude area, it is necessary through the test further check theoretical curve, which is safe, reliable and economical for engineering design and construction.

  The highest elevation networking project more than 5300 meters, in order to obtain actual test data, experimental field click on the mount tunggula qinghai-tibet networking engineering line in the corridor. Responsible for on-site test equipment KangJun is introduced: "the test of the climate, topography, elevation and the networking engineering line running condition is consistent, enhance the test is scientific and accuracy.

  The mount tunggula clear weather. Site set up voltage generator and measuring apparatus, with the technical personnel's debugging, on-site issued "pa, pa" discharge sound, technical personnel record different distances discharge voltage. Test from 9 am 30 points start and continue to 17, for a total of two sets of data. It is understood that the test plan for 5 days.

  Considering the test conditions and difficulty, qinghai electric science college choose the handling of the high pressure test equipment, can be 380 v power supply highest voltage to 3600 kv, analog electrical equipment in operation of the actual operating over-voltage and lightning overvoltage, through the rod to plate, bar, wire to stick to the analog tower tower head, discharge, calculate the elevation of electrical discharge gap of relevant data and curve.
  China electric science college as the lead of the project implementation unit, according to before 2000 -, 3000 -, 4000 - different altitude test results, combined with the high altitude, climate complicated characteristics, to elaborate the test. China electric power academy of sciences high voltage testing technology research director LiQingFeng said: "the 5000 meters high altitude electrical discharge test, obtain first-hand material, statistics and analysis of the related data, the core of our country and even the world high altitude power transmission and transformation project design, construction and electrical manufacturing, has the important meaning.