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About Us

Speech Delivered by the President

Dear colleagues,

When you choose Chongqing Wangbian Electric (Group) Corp., Ltd. as your career for development, I, on behalf of the company, hereby express my heartfelt thanks and best wishes for your participation. Under the enterprise culture of Chongqing Wangbian Electric (Group) Corp., Ltd., that is based on emotional care, spiritual motivation, and growth leading, I believe your wisdom and talent will be blended into our company’s development, which can also be taken as a starting point of your career, and under the team spirit inspiration of solidarity cooperation, mutual communication, mutual respect and joint development, you and I will all be sure to achieve a new peak of our career!

My colleagues, you should remember that: there is no savior in this world, and the company will provide more development opportunities for persons that can complete the set objectives and those that have made contributions, and for those that have hindered the development of the company, they will be sure to be weeded out. Only through hardworking and arduous efforts can you meet the company’s requirements, and meanwhile realize your own dream. Now, we are facing a rather serious challenge, and we can only convert the crisis into an opportunity, and become one of the leading transformer production enterprises in China through “welding” all the individuals from all corners of the country, and then working wholeheartedly.

I personally believe that: private enterprises like Chongqing Wangbian Electric (Group) Corp., Ltd. have many development opportunities, but you must firstly know your own responsibilities, perform your own tasks, and jointly establish a well trained, unified, harmonious, and consistent team and then work really hard; secondly, you should know that each enterprise has its own necessary regulations, so do those rapidly developed enterprises like us; therefore, through following each regulation, we can all carry out the work in order, increase the company’s executive force and working efficiency, and make everyone to work towards common objective, so that everyone can obtain benefits; finally, you should know that, since we have worked together, we should follow the principle of solidify cooperation, mutual communication, mutual respect and mutual development, and ensure each person’s normal work and benefits.

I sincerely hope that you and all the employees can go forward hand in hand, and strive to build our company into a vigorous and famous enterprise. I believe that we can realize this grand objective.

President: Yang Zemin